Aragon wrote “woman is the future of man” and Guerlain pays him an absolute tribute by placing 2017 under her aegis. Since 1828, the creators of the Guerlain perfume and cosmetics house have invented and created special scents for all women. Women were their unique, venerated and admired muse. “I create perfumes for the woman I love or admire,” Jacques Guerlain used to say.

What would Guerlain be without Women? Throughout the year 2017, Maison Guerlain will hold numerous events, each of them dedicated to women who will completely invest the space, with exhibitions and conferences.

Stunning for some, admirable for others but always fascinating, these women will make us discover their universes and their adventures. Photographers, painters, women of letters, scientists, all demonstrate exceptional talent, determination and unparalleled stubbornness.

Magda Danysz, founder of the eponymous gallery inaugurates this womanly 2017 year, and presents L’Atlas, a major and internationally recognized figure of the Street Art culture. “L’Atlas has the particularity of systematically seeking and renewing his approach and expression of the letter as well as the line, of the codified rhythm of writing, methodically leading his work towards abstraction and minimalism“.


January, 12 – February, 26 2017

Maison Guerlain
68, Avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 PARIS

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