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20 effortless DIY vacation Craft
TIPS & strategies for Crafting with FloraCraft® Foam

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Tie the tag to the gift with baker’s twine. com Metal Cookie Cutters: Star, Two Sizes Toothpicks Tools: Low-Temp Glue Gun Scissors Paint Brush 51 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Cut out one large star and three small stars from the foam sheet using the cookie cutters. Firmly press the cookie cutter completely through the foam. Use a scrap piece of foam as a sanding block to smooth rough edges. 2. Paint the stars cream. Insert toothpicks into the stars to hold while painting. While the stars are still wet, dip a portion of each star in gold glitter.

Spraying too close, or too heavy of a coat could melt the foam. Let dry between coats. For easier handling when painting, insert a toothpick or skewer into the foam shape to use as a handle. Glue It! Want a fast, sure bond? Use a low-temperature glue gun. StyroGlue® or white craft glue has a longer dry time, but will still create a sure bond. For a better bond and to help hold pieces together while drying, insert a toothpick between the pieces before pressing them together. For instant tack, glue both surfaces and allow to dry slightly before pressing together.

For instant tack, glue both surfaces and allow to dry slightly before pressing together. Cut It! FloraCraft® Foam cuts easily with the Foam Cutter, StyroCutter®, StyroCutter® Plus, a serrated knife, or even cookie cutters. Wax the knife blades with an old candle for easier, smoother cuts. To cut a thick piece of foam, or several sheets stacked together, use an electric knife. Texture It! Cover FloraCraft® Foam shapes with stucco and make patterns like swirls or petals. Try using plaster, gesso, airdry clay, modeling paste, drywall joint compound, paper clay, decoupage or paste for various textures and effects.

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