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P. 122). DEW. fh The Egyptians represented teaching or instruction, by the dew falling from heaven (liurap. I. 37). nnt 8eia. ' •^'xa campxjLs, mia. uger ; t-ytu potcnlissimun,oninipotcm. See hliy Rod APPLICATION TO 54 In Hebrew fT-i"! ire signifies to throw drops of water, to sprinkle and to teach, to instruct (Gesenius). In like manner, n"i''a mure, signifies a doctor, a professor, and the first rain, which, in Palestine, falls from thu middle of October to the middle of December and pif[)ares the earth to receive the seed (Gesenius, verbo nir).

The bull on the obelisk at Paris has the signification given in Hebrew. ^ name of the bull "3 same word as the verb n-i3, the pr, feminine "13 to he fruitful. VULTURE. HorapoUo (I. maternity,^ oi' t>f was the symbol 11) says that the vulture heaceu, and knoicltdge of the future, oi mer- Minerva, and Juno. , a little further on, that the heads of the goddesses p. 183). The vulture represented Pliny, no one can reach heaven, because, according to nest, built on the highest its Which causes rocks (Nat.

43), water was the symhol of jmritij, and designated the birth of the pure or initiates, as we shall show iu the article Dew. ; APPLTOA-TION TO 32 HAWK. p NTS, the hawJc, forms the word nss ntshe, eternity^ According to Horapollo, this bird, on account long life, symbolized divinitij as well as the sun, which he steadily gazed (Horap. I. 6). On the splcTidor. of its iijion monuments the hawk is the Gram. Egypt, p. 118). sign of the idea God (Champ. It represented sublimity and humility, adds the Egyptian philologist, because it flies in a straight line, up and down, nsi NTSE, to jiy (Gesenius).

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