By Michael Anissimov

This consultant explores the arguments opposed to democracy. Democracy is usually considered as a compulsory method for any civilized state, yet there's a compelling case, drawing on economics, political thought, and cognitive psychology, that says in a different way.

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It is that the political system of democracy is dominant in nearly all developed countries and is taken for granted as being the best form of government. ” He also said, however, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”. In this book, we argue that democracy is not, in fact, the best available form of government, but actually among the worst. We credit civilizational progress made in the last couple hundred years mostly to scientific and technological innovation, with other advances made in spite of, not because of democracy.

Evolutionary psychologist Mark van Vugt, who works together with well-known psychologist Robert Dunbar, has used game theory to explain how leadership naturally develops. From (van Vugt 2009): A simple two-player ‘coordination game’ illustrates that, in many situations, leadership is almost inevitable. Imagine a pair of individuals with two simple goals: one, to stick together for protection, and, two, seek resources such as food patches and waterholes. Two mutually exclusive options are available, patch A or B, and they will get the same pay-off at each one.

Primates evolved cooperating in hierarchical groups with a pecking order, the “dominance hierarchy”. A living example of an ancestral-style Homo sapiens dominance hierarchy would be the “Big Man” system in Melanesia and Polynesia, where dominant men take key roles and occasionally challenge each other for position. The presence of a dominance hierarchy does not necessarily mean that every individual is in a strict linear order. There may be various tiers of social status with dozens or hundreds of individuals more or less on the same tier.

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