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M a c h P s 16. 12, 1. 3 9 : KW0DK. (2) G e n R 9 7 . 2 , 1 2 4 1 : too rmn , r r . v m n na . m a t a n p 1 7 mataV Tiaa pVnV V w a ,*lDTlp n a v o a x [tan] p rrt> •''Xp, H e rereived a p o s i t i o n (of h o n o u r ) from t h e i m p e r i a l a u t h o r i t y . W h e n h e w o u l d c o m e h o m e , his g r a n d f a t h e r w o u l d s t a n d u p before h i m , t o p a y r e s p e c t t o t h e i m p e r i a l a u t h o r i t y . See KraussPR 116. On meaning (1), see MM 5 la sv dfyko; Deissmann, Bible Studies, 1901, 92-93.

8, edHirschman 121, main reading: p " 0 D V p i P O l S (= cpaoiavoc. + pi term, LW2, 469ab); but MsParis 821. 7 has: p ^ C O I D X . The forms piViX and pVax may be influenced by eulogium (= evXoyia), Souter 131a. 6 32 2 — 37 — For the form pjfax, cf CGL 2, 84 : imputat. ivXoyef, On unassimilated v before liquids in papyri 14 see Gignac 1, 169-70, eg: ivXoyeiv, BGU 140 = MChr 373. 32 (119 CE), PRyl 243. 11 (II cent CE), etc. See on this Lieberman, JQRNS 35, 1944, 28-29 (followed by Mandelbaum, PRK 357).

Cf DuCange 187: /kvSiKxa. Cf t n n D H 3 K (with bibl), and i oiawu p v n n . pDWtttK ( 6 9 ) c o p y , of a d o c u m e n t : dvziypacpov E s t R 3 . 14: x m a x i pDWDJX (sic), c o p y of t h e letter, o r imperial edict (transl nron pwnD, in E s t 3:14). S o t o o in / / (new) version of R a b i n o v i t z G M 1 6 9 ; T r g E s t 3. 1 4 : MidAbbaGurion, read: p ~ . 3 0 Low apud LW 2, 643 and 656b [read: dvziypacpov o 69] rejected this identification, presumably because he was not aware of the form with ~ov.

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