By Joan E. Cashin

This e-book is ready the various ways in which women and men skilled migration from the Southern seaboard to the antebellum Southern frontier. established upon broad learn in planter relations papers, Cashin reports how the sexes went to the frontier with diverging agendas: males attempted to flee the kin, whereas girls attempted to maintain it. at the frontier, males frequently settled faraway from family members, leaving girls lonely and disoriented in an odd atmosphere. As kinship networks broke down, intercourse roles replaced, and family among women and men grew to become extra inequitable. Migration additionally replaced race family members, simply because many males deserted paternalistic race relatives and abused their slaves. even though, many ladies persevered to perform paternalism, and some even sympathized with slaves as they by no means had ahead of. Drawing on wealthy archival resources, Cashin examines the choice of households emigrate, the results of migration on planter relatives lifestyles, and how outdated ties have been maintained and new ones shaped.

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Slavery, Geographic Place, and Social Class Finally, another pact existed between planters and slaves. The "paternalism" discussed by Eugene D. Genovese evolved in the seaboard; here masters first described themselves as symbolic fathers who cared for supposedly childlike slaves and portrayed slave labor as a form of compensation for their guidance—a manifestly self-serving, racist idea that attempted to obscure slavery's evils. But, as Genovese suggests, the paternalistic model predicated that slaveowners ought to treat slaves with some amount of decency, and it could prevent some slaveowners from acting on their worst instincts.

Planter women were 28 A Family Venture also responsible for maintaining human relationships in the household, and it was most often planter women rather than men who reported news about the family's slaves or inquired about slaves owned by white relatives. Their influence did not extend very far into the slave quarters—a world that whites could know partially at best—but they sometimes mediated disputes between masters and slaves. And planter women more often than men occasionally sympathized with slaves' working conditions.

Henry Townes, the conservative older brother of Samuel Townes, called it a "theater" where a man had to rely on himself alone. Many young men welcomed the chance to act in such a theater. One wished to migrate to the frontier and "throw myself, at once, into the busiest walks of life," and he thought that he would be either an utter failure or a triumphant success. W. B. Blake longed to go west to find "constant employment" and escape the "lazy life we lead here" in North Carolina. 12 Finally, as some of these comments suggest, many migrants had excitable temperaments that set them apart from their peers.

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