By Sara Baase

Gift of Fire is perfect for classes in laptop Ethics and desktops and Society.

In this revision of a best-seller, Baase explores the social, criminal, philosophical, moral, political, constitutional, and financial implications of computing and the controversies they increase. With a working laptop or computer scientist's standpoint, and with historic context for plenty of matters, she covers the problems readers will face either as contributors of a technological society and as execs in computer-related fields. a main objective is to strengthen desktop pros who comprehend the consequences of what they convey and the way it suits into society at large. 

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People make decisions about what: technologies and produces to develop and how to use rhem. People make decisions about when a product is safe to release. People make decisions about access to and usc of personal informacion. People make laws and set rules and standards. Should you download movies from unauthorized Web sites? Should you hire foreign programmers who work at low salaries? Should you use a friend's password to get into a computer system on which rou do noc have an account? Suppose you arc a manager and you discovet that many of your employees are spending a lor of lime visiringspons, stock, and entertainment Web sites while at work.

One can argue mat hacking is a violarion of property rights: A pc:rson has no right to enter your property without your permission. independent of any harm done. Separatins ral. from constraints Economist Milton Friedman wrote that the goal or I't'sponsibility of a business is to make a profit for irs shareholders. appalled. some ethicists. as they bdicve it justifies. or is used [0 jwtify. irresponsible and unethical actions. It seems to me (hat arguments on this point miss the distinction between goals.

Volumeer dIons. and law. The cycle of problems and solutions. more problems and more solutions. is a narural pan of change and of life in general. his book.. when ~'C consider problems. we consider solutions from several categories. Technical solu(ions involve hardware and software. For example. ATM sofcware can prevent the double-debit problem we described earli~r. "Hardware" includes more than the computer system; improved lighting near ATMs to n:duce (:rime is a hardware solurion. Management solutions Me helpful business policies.

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