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This booklet preserves the continual narrative framework of the authors prior creation to chinese language paintings. just a generally historic strategy, he feels, one that combines vertical continuity down the a long time with horizontal wholeness throughout every one interval, allows the reader, probably impending chinese language artwork for the 1st time, to get a glimpse of the complete trend. yet whereas the form of the publication is still unchanged the textual content has been broadly revised and re-written to maintain it so far as attainable abreast of modern discoveries and learn, and lots of of the illustrations are new. structure, sculpture, portray and calligraphy, bronzes, ceramics and the ornamental arts are all mentioned and on the topic of each other and to the evolving development of chinese language proposal and social lifestyles.

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May be ku libation vessel, for example, — although high handles, like those of most Shang bronzes, are vigorously modelled in the form of elephants, bulls, tigers, or creatures. Occasionally the effect is too bizarre be altogether pleasing, but in the more fabulous and extravagant to finest vessels the main decorative elements play over the surface like a dominant theme in music against a subtle Aground bass' of lei-wen; indeed, to pursue the analogy further, these motifs seem to interpenetrate one another like the parts in a fugue, and at the same time to pulsate with a powerful rhythm.

C. Other and more important sites in North Chengchow and Anyang, were China, notably in continuous occupation from late Neolithic times well into the Bronze Age. ^ Some of China are the stone weapons and artifacts used in prehistoric common to all the Neolithic peoples of Asia, others are of purely Chinese origin. we the latter find a wide-bladed type dagger-axe (which was later to be translated hoe and the ko into bronze and bound Among iron), to the handle and a broad rectangular chopping knife by thongs passed through two holes bored in Some of these tools are beautifully polished, made in jade which, because of its hardness, the upper part.

These were agricultural people, with a wider range of shan-hou, also we find a pottery crudely painted with red and grey stains in Jehol, a sedentary stone tools. Japanese archaeologists At Hung- unearthed in addition to the grey pottery, a fine red ware with designs painted in black, and well-polished stone axes. 3^ BEFORE THE The China was found in who assistants, 1921 in H OF HISTORY definite evidence of the existence of a first culture DAWN Neolithic by Andersson and located at Yang-shao-ts'un in Honan an his extensive deposit of Neolithic tools and beautiful red pottery painted with designs in black.

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