By Georgette Heyer

At the eve of conflict, passions are operating high... ''A magnificent achievement...vivid, actual, dramatic...the description of Waterloo is magnificent.''-DAILY MAIL ''My favourite historic novelist.''-MARGARET DRABBLE in the summertime OF 1815, with Napolean Bonaparte marching down from the north, Brussels is a whirlwind of events, balls and soirees. within the swirling social scene surrounding the Duke of Wellington and his noble aides de camp, nobody draws extra cognizance than the gorgeous, outrageous younger widow girl Barbara Childe. On their first assembly, rushing Colonel Charles Audley proposes to her, yet even their betrothal does not calm her wild habit. eventually, with the conflict of Waterloo raging simply miles away, civilians fleeing and the wounded pouring again into the city, girl Barbara discovers the place her middle fairly lies, and prefer a real noblewoman, she rises to the social gathering, and to the calls for of affection, existence and war... ''Wonderful characters, dependent, witty writing, excellent interval element, and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the remainder of us in basic terms aspire to.'' -KATIE FFORDE

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If her eyelashes were not as long and curling as Lady Frances Webster’s the eyes themselves were decidedly more brilliant, and of such a dove-like softness! Her shape, though she might conceal it with discretion, was quite as good as Caro Lamb’s; and her glossy InfamousArmy Internals 7/20/07 3:18 PM Page 23 An Infamous Army 2 3 brown curls were certainly thicker than Caroline’s short feathery ringlets. Above all, her expression was charming, her smile so spontaneous, the look of grave reflection in her eye so particularly becoming!

Certainly not,’ agreed Worth. ’ He smiled, but said nothing, and upon the carriage’s drawing up presently in front of a respectable-looking house in one of the quiet streets off the Place Royale, got down to hand his wife’s protégée into the carriage. She did not keep him waiting for many seconds, but came out of the house, escorted by her uncle, a little stout man of W InfamousArmy Internals 2 0 7/20/07 G E O R G E T T E 3:18 PM Page 20 H E Y E R cheerful vulgarity who bowed very low to the Earl, and uttered profuse thanks and protestations.

To a third. Unlike the figure of her imagination, he seemed very much at home in a ballroom, quite accessible, cheerful to the verge of jocularity, and ready to be pleased. Such remarks of his as reached Lady Worth’s ears were none of them profound, and when the anxious besought his opinion of the political situation he replied with a joviality which had almost the effect of making him appear to be a little stupid. Lady Worth was still looking after the Duke when she caught sight of Miss Devenish, standing not many paces distant, beside her aunt.

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