By Pablo Amaringo, Luis Luna, Luis Eduardo Luna

The mythologies and cosmology of Amazonian shamanism materialize in fabulous style and color during this exact, large-format quantity, representing the fruit of a number of years of collaboration among a Peruvian folks artist/shaman and a Colombian anthropologist/filmmaker.

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In the vision we also see a spaceship coming from Mars, one of the planets shown, which is composed of four different regions-that of the great volcanoes, the region of deep canyons, the region of great craters, and the region of the terraces, full of deep caves. A little beyond is Jupiter and even farther out is Guibori, a fairy, with her magic blue star. Two comets are travelling very fast. Vegetalistas are able to call them to travel to distant places in the universe. In the centre we see the other planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The third region belongs to the black yakurunas, to the pato-bufeos [duck-dolphins], and to the black mermaids. ]. There we see him now, the sumiruna, standing on a ball of high-pressure gas, ready for levitation. He wears skins of the boa, trousers of ray-fish with feet of yangunturo [giant armadillo], and his hat is a macaw called yura-guacamayo. Two acorones or giant boas open their mouths to let the animals and yakurunas used by vegetalistas give their farewells to the great sumiruna. White mermaids make the capsule levitate.

Continuing towards the background, behind the cats, are flying gourds filled with ultra-sonic hymns. To the right are the huiracucha mermaids and the angel Taksha. This angel carries with him a powerful laser used to heal spider and insect bites, and also mal aire. The birds in flight are known as killo-garza [golden heron] and their vigilance is equal to that of a curandero. Inside the hut, medicine men are in full trance, while above the hut a celestial opening has appeared through layers of dark clouds, revealing the magnificent Atunllipian-llakta [atun = great, ilipian = brilliant, ilakta = city].

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