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Backpacker Magazine's outside Survival informs readers approximately the way to construct a take care of; begin a hearth; locate or arrange drinkable water; navigate while misplaced; locate meals, and different very important ability to outlive and remain alive. this convenient pocket-sized advisor is ninety six pages, contains popouts, and comprises colour images, charts, and illustrations as wanted through the interior.

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Indd 40 2/18/10 9:34:10 AM Once you realize someone in your party is missing, it is imperative that you search in an organized, methodical way to avoid having someone else get separated. 2. Do an initial “hasty” search. >> Send searchers to obvious places: water, trails, and so forth. >> Focus initial searches downhill of the last known point because people tend to trend downhill when traveling. >> Leave notes in obvious places instructing the lost person to sit tight. Recheck these spots regularly.

What Can Kill You? When people die in the wilderness, it is usually a result of trauma, drowning, exposure to either cold or heat, or heart attacks. We worry about starvation, but the reality of the matter is that that isn’t what is going to get you. Trauma: According to search-and-rescue databases maintained by the national parks and rescue groups, unroped falls are the number one cause of death in the backcountry. Most result from carelessness—hikers edging too close to an overlook and slipping on gravel, climbing a rock face they shouldn’t, or crossing steep snowfields without crampons or an ice ax.

Use extra caution in places where falls are possible and would cause grave injury or death, and never climb up anything unless you are certain you can climb back down. indd 45 2/18/10 9:34:14 AM deal with injuries in the wilderness, but remember, knowing how to deal with an emergency can save lives. Take a basic first-aid course before you head out on a camping trip. You don’t want to watch your loved one die because you never learned how to conduct artificial respiration or stop bleeding. Chapter Five will introduce you to a few key first-aid emergencies you should understand before you go camping.

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