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BattleSpace is the procedure of house strive against among JumpShips, DropShips and WarShips within the thirty first century. absolutely suitable with FASA's BattleTech and AeroTech, this huge scale send wrestle online game provides a brand new measurement to the wars of the long run. FASA's BattleSpace incorporates a rulebook/sourcebook that gives the heritage of naval war and the statistics and descrptions of these ships at the moment in use within the internal Sphere; 22" x 34" full-color mapsheets; colour counters with stands; send checklist sheets.

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See also Atmospheric Operations, p. 32. ADVANCED POINT DEFENSE WEAPONS The limited range of point defense weapons (machine guns, flamers, and small lasers) makes them almost useless in an offensive role. However, these weapons may engage and destroy incoming missiles and so help defend the unit. Point defense weapons cannot engage or destroy autocannon or Gauss rifle shells, as these projectiles travel too quickly for the targeting computers to track. If a unit is using its point defense weapons defensively, the player may subtract half of the point defense weapon's Fire Factors from all enemy missile attacks that pass through a hex within the point defense weapons' firing are.

Use the standard rules to decrease a unifs MAXIMUM ATMOSPHERIC SPEED TABLE Mapsheet Location Interface Row4 Row3 Row2 Row 1 Ground äuse spheroid DropShips must use their thrusters to t, control, and velocity, these craft are impractical for äric combat. Spheroid DropShips have a maximum Vef 2. However, they may "hover" in an Atmosphere hex by ptheir nose directly away from the planet and reducing their rto 0. The unit must then spend 2 Thrust Points per turn to avity and remain in place. As long as the DropShip is , this thrust will not increase the unifs velocity.

Many DropShips and JumpShips carry shuttlecraft to transfer cargo between vessels, thus avoiding the relative hazards of docking. Carried in the same type of bays as fighters, shuttlecraft use the fighter rules for maneuvering, launching, and landing. Each Shuttlecraft counter represents a single shuttlecraft. EJVIERGENCY EXIT SYSTEMS t(usually la- »PCs) dedestroy Jpiecesof owever, all craft must Janylargeobobject larger : meter). sible for a unit to a hex occupied by J. but any unit doing so sion.

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