By David A. Bender

The learn of nutrients and foodstuff covers many disciplines together with agriculture, biology, physics, chemistry, nutrition expertise, foodstuff, and medication. As learn of the hyperlinks among foodstuff and well-being maintains to extend, it truly is extra vital than ever that experts in such components as meals processing and nutrients be conversant in usually surprising terminology that differing disciplines use. Bender's Dictionary of meals and meals know-how meets this desire by way of supplying succinct, authoritative definitions of over 6,100 phrases in food and nutrients expertise, in addition to nutrient composition facts for 340 meals and an appendix on nutrient consumption and different valuable information.

The 8th version joins its predecessors, each one bestseller of their personal correct, as an important reference booklet for somebody attracted to meals, dietetics, nutrients technological know-how, and nutrition know-how. the 1st version was once released forty years in the past and contained 2,000 entries. This variation comprises greater than 5,000 succinct authoritative definitions. somebody thinking about the examine of nutrients and nutrients know-how will unavoidably locate articles and lectures that go the bounds of person topics and use surprising terminology and jargon. it's the such a lot finished and updated desk-top reference to be had if you happen to want to know approximately meals and foodstuff expertise.

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Antacids Alkalis or buffers that neutralise acids, used generally to counteract excessive gastric acidity and treat indigestion. Antacid preparations generally contain such compounds as sodium bicarbonate, aluminium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate or magnesium hydroxide. anthelmintic Drugs used to treat infestation with parasitic worms (helminths). See also flukes; hookworm; tapeworm. 29 anthocyanidins The aglycones of anthocyanins. anthocyanins Violet, red and blue water-soluble pigments in many flowers, fruits and leaves, used in food colours (E-163).

See also canning. ash The residue left behind after all organic matter has been burnt off, a measure of the total content of mineral salts in a food. ASN American Society for Nutrition; web site http://www. org/. uk/. 84, codons AAPy. asparagus The young shoots of the plant Asparagus officinalis, originally known in England as sparrow grass (17th century). 3 mg, C 6 mg. A 60 g serving (5 spears) is a source of folate. aspartame An artificial sweetener, β-aspartyl-phenylalanine methyl ester, some 200 times as sweet as sucrose.

Vitamin c was originally known as the antiscorbutic vitamin. antisialagogues Substances that reduce the flow of saliva. g. intestinal muscle). antispattering agents Compounds such as lecithin (E-322), sucrose esters of fatty acids (E-473) and esters of mono- and diglycerides (E-472) which are added to frying oils and fats to prevent potentially dangerous spattering. They function by preventing the coalescence of water droplets. g. sucrose stearate (E-473), polyoxyethylene monostearate (E-430, 431), glyceryl monostearate (E-472), stearoyl tartrate (E-483).

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