By Osamu Tezuka

Kotan is a baby of Ainu descent who reveals himself unexpectedly within the care of a man-eating tiger named Dan. Dan has vowed to Kotan that he'll aid him locate his misplaced mom and dad. Their seek is lower brief whilst the bizarre partners are approached by way of an outdated Ainu guy named Upopo. whilst Upopo spins tall stories of ways Kotan is the selected one that will find and inherit the Ainu's hidden treasure, Kotan and Dan locate themselves struggling with criminals, murderers, cheats, liars, and all-around closed-minded people. as though there weren't adequate issues threatening their lives, a crow warns Dan that Kotan is often is the one to finish Dan's existence. Can courageous Dan and his ally Kotan live to tell the tale the pains that watch for them? what's the Ainu peoples' hidden treasure, and is it worth it? used to be the crow telling the reality, or used to be it simply malarkey?

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His secret identity as Clark Kent is in many ways a mask behind which he hides to protect those he cares about. He knows, and cares, that his entire planet and people died soon after his birth and after his father sent him to Earth, but he does not agonize about this the whole time. Spider-Man, by contrast, is deeply fallible, human and young, and dominated by a sense of guilt towards those whom he failed to save. His Uncle Ben, who taught him that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, died because Spider-Man stood by and let a man who had cheated him be robbed; Gwen, his first love, died because there are limits to his powers – he caught her falling, but could not stop simple inertia breaking her neck.

The form of visits through travel back through, or across, time. When it originally happened in an episode of The Fantastic Four, the destruction of the Skrull homeworld by Galactus was an impressive enough event; it was even more so when, during the Alan Davis run on The X-Men, Xavier and a selection of his pupils found themselves, via time travel, caught up in this event. Xavier, no great believer in Prime or Temporal Directives, tries and fails to dissuade the Eater of Worlds from his course of action; the XMen fight copies of themselves and other superheroes created by a Skrull spy school (aided by copies of dead heroes who resent being regarded as surplus to requirements).

All superheroic characters are presented in a sexually objectifying manner, but women characters are especially so, with breasts and buttocks constantly exaggerated. There is even a fannish term – Good Girl Art – for the most cheesecakey kind of pose, with the term Bad Girl Art being reserved not for work of a low standard, but for work that most approaches the pin-up. indd 19 14/11/2007 10:36:39 20 • Superheroes! comics had comparatively little to complain about by the standards of what was to come.

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