By Terrien and Reginald Stuart Poole De Lacouperie

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1612/49. Righetti. 1543/8. now Lanz 94 (Benz), 22 Nov. 1999, lot 136. 1613/8. 00. Thessalonica 1618/4. CNG MBS 55, 13 Sep. 41; 5. 92. S2-I-1551A AE. 10 g (1). [0] ΑΓΩΝΟΘΕΣIΑ; head of Agonothesia, r. , with wreath and palm. Amphipolis 1628/6. 02. 1. CNG MBS 51, 15 Sep. 10. A hybrid with the obv. of 1552 and a rev. of 1551. The diameter and weight are right for 1551. Philippi 1646/7. 90; 8. RBW (ex F. 98; 9. 22; 10. RBW (ex Peus 369, 31 Oct. 85 Countermark : clasped hands (GIC -) on 8-9. As 1562, but laureate head of Tiberius, l.

Same obv. die as 3230/1. 3245/4. B. 34. LYCIA-PAMPHYLIA _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lycian League Termessus by Oenoanda S2-I-3339A AR. 21 g (1). J. Coulton, ‘Termessians at Oinoanda’, Anatolian Studies 32, 1982, pp. 115-31, discusses the site of Termessos. He thinks that the Lycian Termessians established themsleves at Oinoanda, so that the city was inabited by two groups which retained their political structures.

11 (3140/4-6 : axis is 9). 3209/23. Now Lanz Auktion 117, 24 Nov. 2003, lot 588. 3141/6. 62; 7. RBW (ex Van der Dussen 23, 6 Apr. 82; 8. RBW (ex Van der Dussen 23, 6 Apr. 90. Countermark : monogram on the obv. of 6 Docimeum 3212/12. Lambros 1884 (cast in Winterthur), with the cmk. GIC 224. 3143/6. 45; 7. 20. 3213/7. Countermark GIC 224 on the G coin = M 2, 485, 2 = SNG Glasgow 2042) is not noted; 10. Gotha (cast in Winterthur). 76. Cmk: draped bust r. (GIC -). Cotiaeum Sebaste 3224/3. Zurich (cast in Winterthur).

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