Gaius Valerius Catullus is one in all Rome's maximum surviving poets and in addition essentially the most renowned Latin authors. complete remedies of his paintings were hindered, despite the fact that, via the issues posed by means of the Catutllan assortment because it has come all the way down to us. even if many students now think that Catullus did post his verse in a single or extra small volumes (libelli), the idea that those books have been rearranged after his demise implies that person items stay learn and analyzed individually, irrespective of their placement in the assortment. Skinner demanding situations this thought of posthumous editorship through supplying a unified studying of Catullus' elegiac poetry (poems 65-116 in our assortment) and arguing that it constitutes what used to be a individually circulated libellus whose authorial association has been preserved intact. Purportedly issued from the poet's local urban, Verona, to his Roman readership, the quantity provides itself as a valedictory. This studying of the elegiac assortment represents a massive departure in Catullan reports. The methodological competition that Catullus' elegiac poems are higher approached as a unmarried cohesive poetic assertion makes this booklet a useful new contribution to Catullan scholarship.

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This sense of “impromptu performance” is achieved, according to Gordon Williams (47–48), through a highly controlled manipulation of primary, or immediately referential, and secondary, or distanced, language. Hutchinson (299–301) consequently perceives artificiality in the structure and an air of comic detachment in the concluding simile. For Selden (1992: 474–75) the implications are even more sinister. When Catullus, after pleading writer’s block, goes on to produce “not only an exemplary piece of verse, but one of the seminal literary texts in the language,” the poetic statement is put irreducibly at odds with its rhetorical manner of assertion.

This monograph was conceived as a specialized scholarly undertaking. qxd 9/22/2003 11:40 AM Page xxxvii Introduction xxxvii I presume that fellow classicists will be aware of the manifold problems of the Catullan corpus, but I am not addressing experts in the field exclusively. In fact, my notional authorial audience is a second-year student in a doctoral program who has just been assigned a seminar paper on the arrangement of the Catulli Veronensis liber, due before Thanksgiving, no extensions and no incompletes.

Confronting as a written text what was previously a script creates a felt lack: Because the written poem is the record of a performance we have missed, and the spoken poem can never realize the possibilities of the written text, the poem is always either more immediate or more enduring than what we experience. 39 Calling attention to the physical removal of speaker from addressee, it suggests that a distinction between oral and written modes of textual delivery has been superimposed upon the already existing metonymic opposition between Rome and Verona as sites, respectively, of creative vitality and its absence.

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