By Herman Kruegle

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Chapter 1 - Video's severe position within the protection Plan

, Pages 1-11
Chapter 2 - Video expertise Overview

, Pages 13-46
Chapter three - usual and synthetic Lighting

, Pages 47-69
Chapter four - Lenses and Optics

, Pages 71-107
Chapter five - Cameras—Analog, electronic, and Internet

, Pages 109-143
Chapter 6 - Analog Video, Voice, and keep an eye on sign Transmission

, Pages 145-198
Chapter 7 - electronic Transmission—Video, Communications, Control

, Pages 199-249
Chapter eight - Analog screens and electronic Displays

, Pages 251-274
Chapter nine - Analog, electronic Video Recorders

, Pages 275-304
Chapter 10 - not easy reproduction Video Printers

, Pages 305-319
Chapter eleven - Video Switchers

, Pages 321-339
Chapter 12 - Quads and Multiplexers

, Pages 341-352
Chapter thirteen - Video movement Detectors

, Pages 353-371
Chapter 14 - Dome Cameras

, Pages 373-385
Chapter 15 - built-in Cameras, digicam Housings, and Accessories

, Pages 387-403
Chapter sixteen - digital Video snapshot Splitting, Reversal, and Annotation

, Pages 405-413
Chapter 17 - digital camera Pan/Tilt Mechanisms

, Pages 415-443
Chapter 18 - Covert Video Surveillance

, Pages 445-468
Chapter 19 - Low-Light-Level Cameras, Thermal Infrared Imagers

, Pages 469-496
Chapter 20 - keep an eye on Room/Console Design

, Pages 497-505
Chapter 21 - quick Deployment Video Systems

, Pages 507-512
Chapter 22 - purposes and Solutions—Sample Scenarios

, Pages 513-552
Chapter 23 - process strength Sources

, Pages 553-575
Chapter 24 - Video-Security platforms Integration

, Pages 577-582
Chapter 25 - Video process try Equipment

, Pages 583-600
Chapter 26 - Video payment List

, Pages 601-604
Chapter 27 - schooling, criteria, Certification

, Pages 605-608
Chapter 28 - New Video Technology

, Pages 609-614

, Pages 615-637

, Pages 639-641

, Pages 643-656

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The dome camera housing can range from a simple fixed monochrome or color camera in a hemispherical dome to a “speed-dome” housing having a high resolution color camera with remote controlled pan/tilt/zoom/focus. Other options include presets and image stabilization. The dome-type housing consists of a plastic hemispherical dome on the bottom half. The housing can be clear, tinted, or treated with a partially transmitting optical coating that allows the camera to see in any direction. g. on a pole, pedestal, or overhang), the top half of the housing consists of a protective cover and a means for attaching the dome to the structure.

0–32) (0–32) C C C HOMING SWITCHER C M C DVR/VCR C C SEQUENTIAL SWITCHER M ALARMING SWITCHER M DVR/VCR DVR/VCR C . . 9 QUADS AND MULTIPLEXERS A quad or a multiplexer is used when multiple camera scenes need to be displayed on one video monitor. It is interposed between the cameras and the monitor, accepts multiple camera inputs, memorizes the scenes from each camera, compresses them, and then displays multiple scenes on a single video monitor. Equipment is available to provide 2, 4, 9, 16, and up to 32 separate video scenes on one single monitor.

In security applications, the distance between the camera and There are several hard-wired means for transmitting a video signal, including coaxial cable, UTP, LAN, WAN, intranet, Internet, and fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optic cable COAXIAL CABLE COPPER CONDUCTOR PROTECTIVE OUTER JACKET COPPER SHEATH INSULATED TWO WIRE TX REC UNSHIELDED TWISTED PAIR (UTP) TX REC TX = TRANSMITTER REC = RECEIVER FIBER-OPTIC CABLE GLASS FIBER DIELECTRIC INSULATOR FIGURE 2-21 STRENGTHENING MEMBER Hard wired copper and fiber-optic transmission means PROTECTIVE OUTER JACKET 36 CCTV Surveillance is used for long distances and when there is interfering electrical noise.

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