By Jennifer R. Morgan, Ona Bloom

Examine the adaptation among the 2 major sorts of cells within the fearful approach: neurons and glial cells.

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These filopodia “sniff around” to help the axon find its way to the target. A number of factors guide the growth cone in the right direction. These factors include both nondiffusible and diffusible signals in the extracellular environment. The nondiffusible signals are generally special molecules found in the space between cells. These molecules provide adhesive, glue-like forces to stick down the axon as it makes its way to the target. The diffusible signals, which are secreted from nearby cells, also help guide the axon on its way.

27 3 Glia: More Than a Supporting Role Albert Einstein was one of the most famous mathematicians and physicists of the 20th century. Many people consider him a genius. Because of his incredible intelligence, several researchers over the years have wondered whether there was something different about Einstein’s brain. When Einstein died in 1955, Thomas Harvey, the pathologist who performed the autopsy, quickly removed the brain and preserved it in his laboratory at Princeton. As a result, several researchers gained the opportunity to examine the structure of Einstein’s brain in some detail.

At the peak of neurogenesis, 250,000 new neurons are born each minute. Many more neurons are produced than are actually used in the final construction of the brain. The unused neurons are eliminated through a process called apoptosis, or programmed cell death (for more details about apoptosis, see Chapter 7). ■ Learn more about stem cells Search the Internet for stem cells. After their generation, neuroblasts migrate from the neural crest to their final destination. 1 for some good examples). Development: Making and Breaking Connections Stem Cells Stem cells are remarkable cells that have the amazing ability to become any other type of cell in the body.

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