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Optimal breakfast foods are energetically warming foods, prepared with warm cooking methods that stimulate the body and do not spread dampness. , oatmeal). During summer, the slightly cooler wheat is recommended. The porridge can be combined with nuts, seeds, and a little seasonal fruit. If needed, sweeten lightly to supplement, using honey or marmalade or the other sweeteners mentioned earlier. Black tea or coffee, both in moderation, are suitable breakfast beverages to support yang. , fruit, fruit juices, raw foods, excess dairy products.

TCM makes a close connection between foods and medicinal herbs for therapy, since their classification follows the same criteria. Foods and herbs can both promote and impede each other in their effect on the body. For example, it would be pointless to prescribe phlegm-reducing herbs and acupuncture to patients without informing them about phlegm-producing foods such as fatty foods, “junk food,” excess dairy products, alcohol, etc. Effective “holistic” therapy in such cases needs to include dietary measures, for example phlegmreducing foods such as pears.

Exhausting talks, discussions, and distractions (TV, radio, reading) burden stomach and spleen, which are especially sensitive to emotional tensions such as brooding, worries, anger, and fear. Negative emotions block and weaken the qi of digestive organs, resulting in loss of appetite, bloating, regurgitation, and stomach pain. “It turned my stomach”; “It ruined my appetite”; “The news made me choke on my food” are popular ways of describing this all too common situation. Continuous exposure of the stomach/spleen network to emotional stress can cause serious eating disorders and digestive problems such as obesity, bulimia, anorexia, or gastric ulcers.

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