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In contrast to rationalism, which derives knowledge from reason, it uses sense experience as the source and test for all valid knowledge. epistemology One of the major areas included in the study of philosophy. It examines and criticizes the different methods of knowing. extension This term was used by Descrates in his definition of matter. He held that matter is extension, or that which exists in space. com falsity The opposite of truth; that which is contrary to fact. Hume, David A prominent Scottish philosopher (1711-76) who made a critical analysis of the knowing process.

Com 28. What do you regard as Locke's most important contributions toward an adequate theory of knowledge? 29. What inconsistencies do you find in the doctrines that are set fourth in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding? SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY AARON, RAYMOND I. John Locke. New York: Oxford University Press, 1955. This book is regarded by critics and reviewers as one of the most competent expositions of Locke's theory of knowledge. The book deals with Locke's life, his theory of knowledge, and his moral and political philosophy.

Explain briefly the kinds of ideas that are derived from each of these sources. com 9. How does Locke distinguish between simple ideas and complex ideas? Give some examples to illustrate each of these two kinds of ideas. 10. Name and illustrate each of the four kinds of simple ideas. 11. How does Locke distinguish between primary and secondary qualities? Give some examples to illustrate each. 12. What reasons are given to support the belief that primary qualities are present in the external objects while secondary qualities are present only in the mind?

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