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Your potent instructional for learning Earth ScienceWhy CliffsQuickReview Guides?Go with the identify you recognize and trustGet the data you need--fast!Written via lecturers and academic specialistsAbout the contents:The Earth's constitution* Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes* Oceans and lines of the sea ground* Earth's layers* Plate tectonics, sizzling spots and pole* panorama formationreversal styles* Rocks and minerals; rock and fossil datingClimate* surroundings, storms, and forecasting* Water and weather* Insolation and the seasons* Weathering and brokers of erosionEnvironmental issues* Conservation* PollutionSpace* Comets, asteroids, and meteoroids* Motions of the earth, moon, and solar* Kepler's legislation of planetary movement* foundation of the universeReview and assets* Chapter-end quizzes* complete end-of-book quiz* word list of key phrases* Appendix of topic-related assets and websitesWe take nice notes--and make studying a snap

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The liquid rock is called lava. Lava cools quickly and is called an extrusive rock. The crystals that form are small. Sometimes, the rock cools so quickly that no crystals form, and this is called volcanic glass. Lava flows generally come from volcanoes. A way to remember this is that Vulcan is the Roman god of fire. If magma stays below the surface of the Earth, it will cool more slowly, which allows for larger crystal growth. Therefore, the longer the cooling period is, the larger the crystals are.

A. b. c. d. It flows slowly, producing a V-shaped valley. It flows slowly, producing a U-shaped valley. It flows rapidly, producing a V-shaped valley. It flows rapidly, producing a U-shaped valley. Answers: 1. a 2. b 3. d 4. qxd 4/5/06 5:42 PM Page 51 Chapter 7 DEPOSITION Chapter Checkin ❑ Understanding the factors that affect the settling rate of particles ❑ Knowing the differences between deposition caused by running water, glaciers, and wind ediments that are transported by erosional forces are eventually dropped off.

If the glacial ice melted, the sea level would rise about 200 ft (60 m). Many cities along the coasts would be under water. A valley glacier, also known as an alpine glacier, is located in a mountainous area and flows downhill through valleys. Most of the glaciers in North America are of this type. A large area covered by a thick sheet of ice is considered to be a continental glacier. Currently these are found only in Greenland and Antarctica. qxd 46 4/5/06 5:39 PM Page 46 CliffsQuickReview Earth Science Glacier Formation As snowflakes accumulate, the crystals on the bottom of the pile are compacted by the weight above.

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