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However, magnetic disks themselves continue to be improved in terms of cost and performance. Disks are excellent as DASDs for large data files and data bases at a reasonable cost. Magnetic disks vary considerably. This usually depends on the size of the computer system they are used with. A. Uses: • • • • • Off-line storage of large sequential files. Tapes can be conveniently kept in storage racks and are loaded on to tape drives and processed as they are needed. Back-up storage for on-line disk files.

B) RAM is volatile and is used as temporary store. ROM is non-volatile and is used as 'permanent' store - it is non-destructable. (c) RAM is used for temporary store of data and/or programs as they are being worked on in main memory. It can be changed by a user program. g. the operating system, wordprocessing chip. • • The capacitor is a two-state device that stores a tiny electrical charge (the '1' bit) or no charge ('0' bit). The transistor works as a switch to determine whether the capacitor is charged.

E. read or recorded. The bits in a character or word are added and checked against a parity digit previously calculated. In Fig. e. the total number of bits including the parity bit is odd. Fig. 2 shows how data is organised on magnetic tape. e. read or recorded, a block at a time. 2 How data is organised on magnetic tape. (typically ~ inch to 1 inch) to allow the tape to speed up and slow down at the beginning and end of each block. The header label at the start identifies the filename and catalogue (directory) number and the trailer (footer) label indicates the end of data in the file and will identify whether data continues further on or on other tapes.

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