By Barbara Pym

This can be a splendidly entire farce starting with the comic story of utilizing her personal identify within the name (Barbara Mary Crampton Pym). From that time she sails off right into a wickedly comedic farce, focusing- in recognizingly "Pym" type- at the mistaken romantic entanglements of a curate and younger woman, either one of whom reside within the comparable rooming condo, and a starry-eyed college professor and his lady pupil.

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Sometimes he sat in a chair smoking a cigarette, or paced about the room, or stood and looked out of the window. Today he stood with his back to her, looking out of the uncurtained window at the Banbury Road, with its ceaseless stream of dark, shining cars. Barbara began to read in a clear, colourless voice. Not even when she read the lines of Donne that always made her think of her tutorials— For love all love of other sights controls, And makes one little room an everywhere —did she show any feeling.

After dinner there was more wool-winding and some general conversation about Italian churches, central heating, ravioli, the unemployed, winter underclothes, plainsong chants and various other subjects, which seemed to follow each other quite easily. At ten o’clock they retired to bed. Good, thought Mr. Latimer, as he climbed into the high, wide bed, laden with far too many bedclothes; there was a bedside lamp. He had so often in his life had to patter across cold linoleum in bare feet to turn off a light by the door.

Bompas, I meant to have a long talk with you about your aunt,’ said Miss Doggett. ’ And so, with many protests and mumbled speeches of thanks from Mr. Cherry and Mr. Bompas, who seemed to be having a race to see who could get out of the room first, the party broke up. Miss Doggett followed them out into the hall, but Miss Morrow stayed to put the chairs back into their proper places. First of all she removed the crushed cactus from behind the footstool. It could easily be repotted. She was full of admiration for the skill which Mr.

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