By Samantha Henderson

Conflict the forces of darkness within the Forgotten Realms®

Two angels given mortal flesh are despatched to protect star-crossed fans, born scions of rival service provider homes. first and foremost, it appears to be like as if love will triumph over all, and the rift will ultimately be mended. yet there are those that hate the observe peace with a fondness rather a lot that it poisons every little thing they contact, corrupting condominium to show opposed to condo, mom to show opposed to baby, and angel to show opposed to angel.

Dawnbringer is the right meld among vintage and modern myth, with colours of Romeo and Juliet, advised from the viewpoint of parent angels, in an international the place sorcery and monsters are commonplace.

From the Paperback edition.

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He’d return to the Throatcut Sparrow Tavern that afternoon, and see if he and Ivor could hire on as mercenaries or even mule-hands with a caravan headed south. He didn’t see much chance of their establishing a foothold here, unless … He passed a queer sigil burned into a splintered door and shivered despite the noontide heat. No, there wasn’t much chance, unless they were willing to join the lower echelons of Bane’s dark brotherhood. And Gareth wasn’t that desperate—not quite yet. He hadn’t left Ping’s murderous ways behind to join the Dark Lord’s ranks.

With an inner start, he realized that she wore no mask at all—the band across her eyes, paler than the color of her face, was either painted on or part of her facial coloration. The hair braided back from her temples continued the pale stripe. It didn’t look like paint. “We have business with these pirates, although they don’t know it yet,” she said, looking down at him, for she topped him by two fingerbreadths. ” Gareth considered lying, but there was something very compelling about her request.

The glossy, insect black eyes in the elaborately scrolled face turned back to him, and there was no mistaking its expression of malevolence. It raised a sinewy arm in its shredded blue silk sleeve toward him again, and Gareth could feel the air around him contract and flex, as if it were made of tiny components that had become charged with static electricity. But the creature had forgotten Ivor, or considered him out of combat, and was taken by surprise when the stocky Turmish man charged, slashing sideways with the short sword.

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