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There's no unmarried solution to the query of the way humans may still reside nor any silver bullet to resolve present ecological difficulties - and but, we needs to search new how you can imagine and act in mild of rising environmental demanding situations. Given the facility of layout to steer shopper and societal values, its position has to be wondered and renewed when it comes to present problematics of mass-production and (over)consumption.
Switch! develops layout artifacts and strategies to steer perceptions and values round power use in way of life. in the collaborative layout examine software, a conceptual and functional inquiry keen on severe interventions into sustainable layout discourse.

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In addition to developing the aesthetics and behaviors of the visualization system, we began to dig into the metrics behind the two basic models and to collect documentary evidence of cases to feature within the story. At this point in the process, we began to shift from exploratory sketching with Processing to more precise modeling, in which we programmed the system to calculate and generate parametric relations between the variable components over time. In parallel, we developed more precise diagrams to organize the data in relation to graphical and narrative elements.

Today, there’s no need to store the excess energy from food as unsightly fat. The ‘Umbilicus’ updates our bodies for our 21st century environment. It contains friendly bacteria, engineered to metabolize fats and lipids into electrical energy — power for the devices we rely on for our work and play. ” 35 Energy Futures Future Tradition “Today, we celebrate our penance. Today we mustn’t use power. We know we’re not perfect, but we keep on trying. So we wrap our needy objects to resist temptation!

We have developed this latter model to extend and challenge the ‘triple bottom line’ — a model that identifies economic, social and environmental factors. In our view, the separation of economy as a separate category obscures the social construction and situated nature of economic factors. Economy is crucial as a standard measure of ecological conditions and of exchange within society — but is bound into particular forms of social interaction and material situations. While considering economy as an underlying principle in all categories of analysis, we foreground, following Guattari, the social and human factors associated with sociology and psychology.

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