By Keith Jack, Vladimir Tsatsoulin

This updated reference is the main entire dictionary protecting this fast moving box. It includes almost the entire terminology frequent in sleek international video and tv expertise, with thorough definitions geared toward the engineering point. It covers all overseas video criteria, electronic and analog video indications, facts compression, video conferencing, encoding/decoding--indeed, each time period linked to video/television know-how. Compiled through the world over well-known video/television specialists, this dictionary supplies to develop into a customary reference.

*Provides accomplished and updated details, together with assurance of try and size procedures
*Authors are either seriously skilled engineers and authors whose earlier works are revered all over the world

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3. See AAA rate. 4. Byte. 5. Baud. 6. Bel. 7. TV standard; Australia, Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Rhodesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Yugoslavia. 5, used band—VHF. B channel A “bearer” channel is a fundamental component of ISDN interfaces. It carriers 64,000 bits/s in either direction, is circuit switched and should be able to carry either voice or data.

Black stripe The process of prerecording a video tape with no input signal in order to lay down a uniform sync signal over the length of the tape. Black-striping makes it easier to hide editing glitches because blank spots in the video program simply appear black rather than full of visual static. Video production studios use a special video signal for this purpose, known as black burst. Studio black burst ensures that all the video tape produced at the studio is blackstriped with the same video frequency because every tape is black-striped with a black burst from the same source.

Another advantage is the capture of the same image when several autosetup monitors, adjusted for the same color temperature, are arranged in a row. autosizing 1. : Character sizing. 2. In graphics hardware, autosizing refers to a monitor’s ability to accept signals at one resolution and display the image at a different resolution. Without autosizing, an image must be adjusted manually so that it fills the screen properly. autostereogram A technique used for 3D TV with- out using special glasses for the viewer.

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