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Romanticism, Medicine, and the Poet's Body (The Nineteenth Century)

That medication turns into professionalized on the very second that literature turns into "Romantic" is a crucial accident, and James Allard makes the main of it. His booklet restores the actual physique to its right position in Romantic stories via exploring the prestige of the human physique throughout the interval. With meticulous element, he records the best way scientific discourse consolidates a physique liable to scientific authority that's then represented within the works of Romantic period poets.

The Enigma of Good and Evil: The Moral Sentiment in Literature (Analecta Husserliana)

Remarkable towards peace and concord the individual is ceasely torn aside in own, social, nationwide lifestyles via wars, feuds, inequities and intimate own conflicts for which there looks no respite. Does the human situation in interplay with others suggest a continuing adversity? Or, is that this clash because of an inside or exterior issue of evil governing our attitudes and behavior towards the opposite individual?

Ashes of the Earth: A Mystery of Post-Apocalyptic America

Thirty years after worldwide holocaust, the colony of Carthage nonetheless struggles to construct its new international. whereas steam engines and different early commercial expertise have empowered its financial system, the delicate society is undermined via mystery crimes, rifts among generations, executive censorship, and a legacy of casting out those that be afflicted by radiation disease.

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The old impulses are there, and must be controlled, or he will go wrong. ' Mrs Jo spoke earnestly, for, knowing Dan better than anyone else, she saw that her colt was not thoroughly broken yet, and feared while she hoped, knowing that life would always be hard for one like him. She was sure that before he went away again, in some quiet moment he would give her a glimpse of his inner self, and then she could say the word of warning or encouragement that he needed. So she bided her time, studying him meanwhile, glad to see all that was promising, and quick to detect the harm the world was doing him.

Called Josie after him, exulting in an opportunity to use the classical exclamation forbidden to her sex. ' Bent on her woman's privilege of having the last word, Josie ran after him, but never uttered the scathing speech upon her lips, for a very brown young man in a blue suit came leaping up the steps with a cheery 'Ahoy! ahoy! ' 'Emil! ' cried Josie, and in a moment Ted was upon him, and the late enemies ended their fray in a joyful welcome to the newcomer. Muffins were forgotten, and towing their cousin like two fussy little tugs with a fine merchantman, the children returned to the parlour, where Emil kissed all the women and shook hands with all the men except his uncle; him he embraced in the good old German style, to the great delight of the observers.

No use to lay up; I shan't live to be old and need it,—my sort never do,' said Dan, looking as if his little fortune rather oppressed him. 42 'But if you marry and settle somewhere, as I hope you will, you must have something to begin with, my son. So be prudent and invest your money; don't give it away, for rainy days come to all of us, and dependence would be very hard for you to bear,' answered Mrs Jo with a sage air, though she liked to see that the money-making fever had not seized her lucky boy yet.

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