By Rüdiger Safranski

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The complete paintings of Giorgione

The forged, indisputable proof pertaining to Giorgione may be contained with out congestion on a postcard, and his surviving output is constrained to a trifling handful of images, so much of them quite small. Why, then, the entire fuss? What money owed for the celebrity and the legend? The prime quality of Giorgione s paintings, mixed with the actual fact of his early dying - without reference to the precise situations within which it could actually have happened - must have sufficed to begin the legend.

HAMMER!: Making Movies Out of Sex and Life

HAMMER! is the 1st booklet by means of influential filmmaker Barbara Hammer, whose lifestyles and paintings have encouraged a iteration of queer, feminist, and avant-garde artists and filmmakers. The wild days of non-monogamy within the Seventies, the advance of a queer aesthetic within the Eighties, the struggle for visibility in the course of the tradition wars of the Nineteen Nineties, and her look for which means as she contemplates mortality within the 2000s—HAMMER!

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M. May 21, 2010; 4) o | 45 | The officials want China to be seen as a cultured, creative nation, but in this antiliberal political society everything outside the direct control of the state is seen as a potential threat. (51) o The government may be made up of clever, sensible people. But if they do not believe in basic human values, the more clever or shrewd they are the greater the tragedy they will create. (22) o It is better to have a retarded president who respects human values than a clever government without human values.

32) o They tell us it will be about “emotions” and “friendship,” that it will be a night of joy. Who are they kidding? (31) o A fine line separates Chinese intellectuals and professors from the political gangsters who protect them. (33) o | 18 | Measuring national prestige by gold medals is like using Viagra to judge the potency of a man. (34) o The 2008 Olympics has created an illusion of China to the public and to the outside world. It is so fantastic, so unreal, that the entire meaning of the games is being distorted.

29) o My messages are temporary and shouldn’t be our permanent condition. And like the wind it will pass. We’ll have another wind coming. (28) o | 15 | On the detention of activist Liu Xiaobo: This does not mean a meteor has fallen. This is the discovery of a star. (30) On blind activist Chen Guangcheng’s escape from confinement in April 2012: The most unfair things that could have happened in a society fell upon a blind man. This is something that no one can accept or explain away with any excuse.

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