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Anne Roe, “A Psychological Study of Eminent Psychologists and Anthropologists, and a Comparison with Biological and Physical Scientists,” Psychological Monographs, 67, No. 2 (February, 1953), 49. These remarks refer to all of the scientists, not just the psychologists. Why Inquire? [ 25 ] tune. In a sense they are hired to play. If we take the normal economic concept of opportunity costs, they may in fact be “paying” sizable amounts for the privilege of engaging in research. Some 23 of them, certainly, could make considerably larger incomes by applying their abilities with equal diligence to some other line of work.

Professor B. R. ” 6. In a sense, astronomy was, from the first, used for practical matters in the form of astrology. More significantly, navigation and timekeeping have used minor parts of astronomy, and astrogation may shortly use more. Chemistry and nuclear physics have also owed minor debts to astronomy. Nevertheless, only a tiny bit of the work of the astronomers has had any effect on human affairs. 7. See Michael Polanyi, Personal Knowledge, p. 186, and G. H. Hardy, A Mathematician’s Apology (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1940), pp.

It seems likely, however, that the marginal productivity of research effort in the two fields would vary inversely with the amount of effort in each. Thus, if we concentrated 99 44/100 per cent of our scientific effort in the field of pure science, the applied results of the remaining 56/100 per cent of the effort 8. ” Perhaps that is a better way of putting it. [ 16 ] The Organization of Inquiry would probably be disproportionately great. Under present conditions, with the greatest efforts going into applied science, the reverse is probably true.

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