By Akira Mizuta Lippit

What does it suggest for movie and video to be experimental? during this number of essays framed via the idea that “ex-”—meaning from, outdoors, and no longer—Akira Mizuta Lippit explores the classy, technical, and theoretical reverberations of avant-garde movie and video. Ex-Cinema is a sustained mirrored image at the ways that experimental media artists movement outdoor the conventions of mainstream cinema and begin a discussion at the that means of cinema itself.

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Blue life transmuted through shock to red life. Peirce’s Suprematist figure invokes the dialectical paintings of Kazimir Malevich (black and red squares and circles), but also the structural films of Kubelka, Conrad, and Sharits, and the poststructural recycled cinemas of Martin Arnold and Peter Tscherkassky. Moving from frame to frame, image to image, color to color, each transition produces a 28 | EXC01 shock, a new feeling, and the transmutation of one life into another. Peirce’s idiom of life, from the “living quality” of feeling to “my blue life” maintains in his semiotic of the image, the force of vitality that renders blue biographical.

T. H. Sadler (New York: Dover, 1977), 36. 25. Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 37. 26. Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 37. 27. Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 37. 28. A whole set of metaphysical features accrue to Goethe’s plus and minus colors. ” Goethe, Theory of Colours, 151. 29. Dina Kraft, “Rediscovered, Ancient Color Is Reclaiming Israeli Interest,” New York Times, February 28, 2011, A7. 30. Kraft, “Rediscovered,” A7. Out of the Blue (Ex Nihilo) | 35 31.

54 The feeling activates a nervous system that absorbs neighboring feelings, reproducing and spreading ideas throughout the network. ”55 The blue virus, firstness. In Peirce’s evolution of signs, his economy of images, the rapacious drive of feeling, its totalizing force threatens to override or monopolize consciousness, leaving no space or time for anything but firstness. It is a virus, a blue virus. From Jarman’s Blue: “The virus rages fierce. I have no friends now who are not dead or dying.

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