By Abraham Z. Shoshani

A e-book encouraged via the paintings of Dr Shoshani's celebrated instructor and mentor, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais. The Hebrew variation of this booklet was once followed by means of Israel's Ministry of schooling and tradition to be used on the teacher-training institutes.

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53 Chapftrfiw The nervous system functions with its level of differentiation in inverse proportion to the amount of work performed. In the lumbar and neck, there must be great discernment although too much weight rests on them. This explains the complex and prolonged training necessary for maintaining the body perpendicular to the ground. In successful learning, man will achieve potential uprightness with a minimal amount of work in the skeletal muscles and a well-distributed work distribution among the different muscles.

Sensation is integration of the mind in the face of a stimulus of the nervous system that occurs when we are interested in what happens to our body at the specific moment and not the external event that occurs. Consequently, the body image and its relationship to space are determining factors in every sensation and thus, in every conception. In mind, if so, there is also an encounter between a possible response and consciousness and some define the mind as the field of possible responses. The difference between differentiation and lack of differentiation is whether or not there is or is not a potential response ready for release in the form of a motor activity and the learning is actually the expansion of the boundary of behavior in relation to the objects.

Whatever happens in the future depends absolutely and totally on what happened in the past. However, in my opinion, the feeling of free will could be connected with the concept of understanding. We have stated that the goal of science is to deconstruct the whole into its parts so that the relationship of the Learning and Exptrirndng parts with one another and with the whole is revealed. When there is interactivity and the asymmetric quality and the trait of"primary action" on the higher cognitive level with the element of intention, then there is a feeling of free will, "free" in the sense that one feels like continuing the activity, continuing to realize the intention which is clarified with its actualization, without any feeling of internal opposition to doing or a sense of dullness.

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