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Plant Diversity (The Green World)

This e-book surveys the world's eco-friendly plant variety, from eco-friendly algae via flowering crops, in a taxonomic and evolutionary context.

Gossip Girl. Ist es nicht schön, gemein zu sein?

Mit Genuss berichtet das anonyme Gossip lady von jedem noch so pikanten aspect aus dem Leben von Serena, Blair und ihren Freunden. Und mal ehrlich: Wer will nicht dabei sein, wenn es hinter den Fassaden der luxuriösen Appartements auf der top East aspect so richtig zur Sache geht? Die superhübsche Serena, das Luxus-Mädchen aus der Glamourclique, ist aus dem Internat geflogen und wieder zurück in long island.

Questions I'd Like to Ask God

Questions i might prefer to Ask God offers a discussion board permitting readers to problem their ideals through digging into Scripture and beginning their hearts to God via prayer. This teen-savvy booklet addresses questions like, "What is God like? " and "Why am I right here? " or "How am i able to recognize God's will for my lifestyles? " Journaling pages are incorporated for readers to jot down their strategies, to notice key verses which are significant, and to checklist spoke back prayers.

Power, Media, Culture: A Critical View from the Political Economy of Communication

This publication updates and revalidates serious political financial system of verbal exchange techniques. it really is destined to turn into a piece of reference for these attracted to delving into debates bobbing up from the functionality of conventional and new media, cultural and conversation policy-making or sociocultural practices within the new electronic panorama.

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Antagonistic ant ax line anterior axillary line anthrop . anthropology anti-AChR anti-acetyl-choline receptor anti-coag anti-coagulant anti-DNA anti- deoxyribo-nucleic acid anti-FY Duffy antibody anti-glomerular basement membrane anti-GBM anti-HAA antibody to hepatitis-associated antigen anti-HAV anti-hepatitis A virus anti-HB anti-hepatitis B anti-HBC antibody to hepatitis B core antigen anti-HBS antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen anti-HLTD III antibody screen in testing for AIDS anti-S anti-sulfanilic acid triiodothyronine anti-T3 auto-antibodies ant .

Calc. aq. calid. aq. cam. aq. chlori aq. dest. aq. ferv. aq. font . aq. fortis aq. frig. aq. m. p. aq. pura aq. purif. aq. tepid Ar A/R A&R AR ARA Ara-A Ara-C ARAD ARAS 22 acute phase reactant protein adenine phospho-ribosyl transferase adenosine phospho-sulfate; American Physiological Society anisoylated plasminogen streptokinase activator complex alum-precipitated toxoid ; artificial pneumo-thorax; atrial paroxysmal tachycardia; automatic programmed tools American Physical Therapy Association activated partial thromboplastin time aluminum (aluminium) precipitated toxoid test amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation cells amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation tumors aqua (water); aqueus (water) abstraction quotient ; accomplishment quotient ; achievement quotient; any quantity aqua bulliens (boiling water) aqua calcariae (lime water) aqua calida (warm water) aqua camphorae (camphor water) aqua chlori (chlorine water) aqua destillata (distilled water) aqua fervens (hot water) aqua fontana (fountain water) ; aqua fontis (spring water) aqua fortis (strong water; weak nitric water) aqua frigida (cold water; frigid water) aqua menthae piperitae (peppermint water) aqua Aura (pure water) aqua purificata (purified water) aqua tepida (tepid water) Argon apical / radial advised and released achievement ratio; active resistance ; alarm reaction ; allergic reaction ; allergic rhinitis; analytical reagent; androgen receptor; aortic regurgitation ; Argyll Robertson (pupil); artificial respiration; atrial rate; auto-radiography American Rheumatism Association Arabinoside-Adenine Arabinoside-Cytosine abnormal right axis deviation ascending reticular activation system MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS Ara-U ARBOR ARBP ARC ARCA ARD ARDS ARF arg .

BU bull. BUN BURD BURK-L but . BUT BV BVA BVAD BVAP BVAPP BVDS BVCPP BVCPPB BVH BVI B virus. BVM BVPP BVR BVV BW BWD BWS bx Bx bxs bys . bz Bza BzH bzl BzOH British Thermal Unit British Thermal Unit butyl Bodansky unit; burn unit bulliat (let it boil) blood urea nitrogen 5-bromodeoxy-uridine Burkitt's lymphoma butyrum (butter) break-up time ; Butisol (butabarbital) ; Butyn (butacine) balneum vaporis (vapor bath); biological value; biventricular blood vessel; blood volume best (corrected) visual acuity bi-ventricular assist device BCNU, Vincristine, Adriamycin, Prednisone BCNU, Velban, Cytoxan, Procarbazine, Prednisone Bleomycin, Velban, Doxorubicin, Streptozocin; Bleomycin, Vincristine, Doxorubicin, Streptozocin BCNU, Velban, Cytoxan, Procarbazine, Prednisone BCNU, Velban, Cytoxan, Procarbazine, Prednisone, Bleomycin bi-ventricular hypertrophy blood vessel invasion herpes-virus simiae broncho-vesicular markings BCNU, Oncovin, Procarbazine, Prednisone Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation bovine vaginitis virus body water; body weight ; boiling water; brainwashing; brain wave bacillary white diarrhea (pullorum disease) Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome box biopsy boxes bysma; byssinosis ; byssocausis ; byssus benzoyl benzimidazole; benzymidazolyl benzaldehyde benzyl benzene-carboxylic acid cum (with) confidential ; copyright calorie; centum (hundred) ; cibus (food) ; circum (around); congius (gallon) ; speed of light calm; cancel ; cancelled; candle ; capacitance; capacitor; capacity ; carbon ; case; cathode; Caucasian; cell ; Celsius; center ; centigrade; centimeter; certified; certify; cervical ; chest; Chlorambucil ; Cisplatin; clear; clearance; clock; clone; clonus ; Clostridium; closure; clubbing; cocaine; color; complement ; complete ; compliance ; compound ; contact; contraction; cough; coulomb; count; Cryptococcus ; Curie; cyanosis ; cycle; Cyclophosphamide ; cylinder ; cysteine; cytidine; cytosine ; Cytoxan; kilo-calorie ; vitamin C caesarean section (cesarean section) second cranial nerve radio-active carbon albumin clearance amylase clearance creatinine clearance insulin clearance para-amino-hippurate clearance correction factor for temperature urea clearance first cervical vertebrae second cervical vertebrae cash on account (bookkeeping abbreviation) circa (about) calcium; cancer; carcinoma calcium ion Clinitest and acetone cancer ; carbonic anyhydrase; carcinoma; cardiac apnea; cardiac arrest ; carotid artery; celiac artery ; chronological age; cold agglutinin; common antigen; coronary artery; corpora amylacea ; croup-associated ; Cytoxan, Adriamycin 39 MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS CAAT CAB CABBS CABG CABOP CABPS CABS CAC CACC Ca l2 CACMS CaCO 3 CaC204 CAD CAE CAEV CAF CaF2 CAFA CAFP CAFT CAFVP CAG CAH CAHEA CAHD CARP (Ca)i CAI C-AJCC cal.

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