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Other nutrients are atoms of a specific element. Take a look at the “Nutrition Facts” label on your breakfast cereal or some other food. How many of the nutrients listed there can you find in the periodic table of the elements? One example is iron, 26 Fe, which is located in the middle of the fourth row of the periodic table. Iron is important for making red blood cells. On the other hand, you won’t be able to find vitamin C in the periodic table. Vitamin C is a complicated molecule made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms that is important for building bones, teeth, and muscles.

Vacancies In any given row of the periodic table, each step to the right adds another electron to the atom, gradually filling up the valence shell. In Group 17, the second to last column, we find the elements f luorine ( 9 F), chlorine ( 17Cl), bromine ( 35 Br), iodine ( 53I), and astatine ( 85At). They are called the halogens, and each of them has a valence shell that is only one electron shy of being full. The halogens would really like to acquire an electron from another atom to fill up their valence shell, and this makes them highly reactive.

In the case of sodium, reactive means that when it comes in contact with water it fizzes and sparks, and if there is enough sodium, it can explode and catch fire. Since your body has lots of water in it, it’s a good thing that the sodium in your body doesn’t behave in that way! Why is it that some elements like sodium form solids that explode when they come in contact with water, while other elements like chlorine form a gas that is poisonous? How can these two dangerous elements come together to form something like table salt that helps the human body function and makes food taste better?

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