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Every thing you ever desired to learn about feng shui and extra is now on hand during this easy-to-understand publication. how one can in attaining a balanced and harmonious lifestyles utilizing those ancients secrets and techniques from the East!

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Items should blend into the environment, be beautiful and include the colors of white, silver or gold. The Water Element Water is what gives life on our planet. Without it, we would not exist. In Feng Shui, water is a very useful element. Water should be clear and flowing, as stagnant water can create more problems than it solves. The Water element is represented by communication, the transmission of ideas, wisdom, and social interaction. If there is an imbalance in water, the individual may be lonely and isolated, forgetful, infertile, or impotent.

Do this until you have attained the clarity you desire. The addition of clean water can improve any environment. It is quite simple to add the Water element to any environment by placing bowls of clean water, fountains, water coolers, or glass objects such as vases and jars. Adding any kind of object or color from the Metal category encourages the Water to be more present. Water can also be represented by the colors blue or black. You should always use Feng Shui Elements wisely. Used incorrectly, the Feng Shui Elements can cause harm to relationships, health or money prosperity.

FIVE: Sounds like the word "nothing" but is a popular number because of the five-element classification. It represents the central position and signifies balance. When combined with two, four, six, or eight, it becomes extremely auspicious because each pair of numbers is balanced. SIX: Sounds similar to the word for "wealth," making it an extremely popular number. Also sounds like the word for "deer," which makes the deer an auspicious symbol. Represents the element Water and the Career gua. SEVEN: Sounds like the word "sure" and is considered to be a very fortunate or lucky number.

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