By Camilla Di Biase-Dyson

In Foreigners and Egyptians within the overdue Egyptian tales Camilla Di Biase-Dyson applies systemic sensible linguistics, literary thought and New Historicist ways to 4 of the overdue Egyptian tales and indicates how language was once exploited to set up the narrative roles of literary protagonists. The research unearths the transferring energy dynamics among the Doomed Prince and his overseas spouse and the parody within the depiction of the Hyksos ruler Apophis and his Theban counterpart Seqenenre. It additionally sheds mild at the weight of historical past within the comic strip of the insurgent of Joppa and the final Djehuty and explains the interaction of social expectancies within the encounters among the envoy Wenamun and the Levantine princes with whom he seeks to alternate.

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148 Vinson 2004: 54. introduction 27 language in establishing literary characters, with various methods of study being applied. The benefits of this ‘new wave’ are manifest: the studies are quantifiable, and hence more easily argued, questioned and tested. 5a Michèle Broze (1996) Mythe et roman en Égypte ancienne. Les aventures d’Horus et Seth dans le Papyrus Chester Beatty I In part of her study of The Contendings of Horus and Seth, Michèle Broze conducts a detailed analysis of the narrative’s language.

68 Baines 1982: 41. 69 Baines 1982: 42. 70 Baines 1982: 42. 71 Bal 1997: 121. 2a Jan Assmann (1977) “Das ägyptische Zweibrüdermärchen (Papyrus d’Orbiney). 3), which identifies the character that is thematised at the beginning of each episode. 77 Lastly, he discusses relationships between the characters by describing the roles they play in the execution of the main themes of the story: family, work, fecundity and strength. 78 By looking at the characters’ actions as functions of the plot, rather than as illustrations of character, Assmann’s study, albeit with reservations, is symptomatic of formalist approaches to characterisation.

177 Sweeney 2003: 132. 178 Wellek & Warren 1956: 140. 32 chapter one Having already mentioned the preponderance of foreign features in Ramesside texts, the following discussion explores the closely interconnected socio-cultural and literary explanations for this phenomenon. We shall note that the changing socio-political circumstances and the alteration in cultural consciousness that accompanied them most probably influenced the literary motifs used. Despite this basis, we shall see that literary foreign lands are complete abstractions of the originals, devised with particular literary purposes (ontological or allegorical) in mind.

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