By M. L. Duryea, T. D. Landis (auth.), Mary L. Duryea, Thomas D. Landis, Carol R. Perry (eds.)

ing harm ranged from scent. to normal visible visual appeal. Attributes of seedling caliber are classified as both to slicing buds. to scraping bark to notice lifeless cambium. functionality attributes (RGP. frost hardiness. tension resistance) One nursery said utilizing frost hardiness as a hallmark of or fabric attributes (bud dormancy. water kin. foodstuff. whilst to start fall lifting. yet none suggested utilizing it as an morphology). functionality attributes are assessed via putting indicator of seedling caliber earlier than delivery inventory to buyers. samples of seedlings into targeted managed environments and comparing their responses. even if a few powerful brief­ 23.4.3 rigidity resistance lower techniques are being constructed. functionality checks have a tendency merely 3 nurseries degree pressure resistance. They use to be time eating; notwithstanding, they produce effects on complete­ the companies of Oregon nation college and the try tools plant responses that are frequently heavily correlated with box defined in 23.2.3. One nursery mentioned that result of pressure functionality. fabric attributes. nonetheless. replicate checks didn't agree good with result of RGP assessments and that RGP simply person features of seedling make-up and are frequently correlated greater with seedling survival within the box. so much pressure poorly correlated with functionality. assessments are carried out for reforestation team of workers instead of for Bud dormancy prestige appears to be like correlated. no less than nurseries.

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Years Effect on viability 5-7 10-20 Reduced by 60% Maintained Maintained Maintained - 18°C better than ooc: substantial loss at room temperature after 2-3 years Maintained 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 7 7 7 10 14 14 Maintained Reduced by 15% Reduced by 9% Reduced by 10% Reduced by 8% Reduced by I % Reduced by 10% Reduced by 31 % Maintained Reduced by 9% Maintained Maintained Substantial loss Lodgepole pine Airtight. 45°C Airtight. 5 °c Sealed. O°e. OoC Noble fir Sealed: room temperature. 0% mc Sealed: 8°C for 9 years and - 4 °c for an additional 7 years: 7.

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