By Jeff Kolby

Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for the GRE.

Every 12 months, scholars pay $900 and extra to check prep businesses to arrange for the GRE. you can now get an identical coaching in a ebook. GRE Prep direction offers the an identical of a 2-month, 50-hour direction.

Although the GRE is a tough try, it's a very learnable try out. GRE Prep direction offers a radical research of the GRE and introduces a variety of analytic suggestions that can assist you immensely, not just at the GRE yet in graduate college as well.


Math: Twenty-two chapters offer complete evaluate of GRE math.

Verbal: boost the power to identify areas from which questions usually are drawn as you learn a passage (pivotal phrases, counter-premises, etc.). additionally, examine the 4000 crucial GRE words.

Writing: accomplished research of the writing activity, together with writing recommendations, punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style.

Also incorporates a entire, loose on-line direction!

Course Features:

Ask Questions! Our teachers login to StudyDesk to respond to your questions. StudyDesk additionally files the step the place you're making a mistake or ask a question. this can be only one of many robust academic instruments in StudyDesk.

Highly Interactive: you could seek the direction for any subject, take notes, view ideas, view reviews, etc.

Versatile: you could entry the direction from any computing device at any time.

Also comprises GRE try prep software program!

Software features:

Mentor Mode: In Mentor Mode, you're instantly informed even if you replied an issue competently, and you'll instantly view a close resolution of the problem.

Test Mode: In try Mode, you could take a GRE attempt timed and scored through this system.

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X > y III. x < y (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and III only (E) I, II, and III Questions 18–19: Define the symbol * by the following equation: x * = 2 – x, for all nonnegative x. 18. (a + b*)* = (A) b – a (B) a – b – 4 (C) b – a + 4 (D) a + b – 2 (E) a – b 19. If (2 – x)* = (x – 2)*, then x = (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 4 (E) 6 TeamLRN Defined Functions Answers and Solutions to Problem Set D 1. Substituting p = 3 into the equation p* = p+5 3+5 8 gives 3* = = = 8 . The answer is (E). p−2 3−2 1 2.

If 0 < x < 1, which of the following expressions is greatest? (A) 9. 1 2 1 x (B) x (C) Column A 1 x π (D) x 3 (E) x 4 x>1 y>1 x+1 y+1 10. Column A 4 r Column B x y rs = 4 and st = 10 Column B 10 t 7 8 41 42 GRE Prep Course Answers and Solutions to Problem Set E 1. From the formula a 2 x 2 = ( ax )2 , we see that ( 2 x )2 = 2 2 ⋅ x 2 = 4x 2 . Now, 4 x 2 is clearly larger than 2 x 2 . Hence, the answer is (B). 15 15 7 to each of the other answer-choices. Cross-multiplying and gives 135 16 16 9 15 7 15 vs.

Increase 2 1 Thus, the percentage increase is = = ≈ 11%. original amount 18 9 18. Systems of simultaneous equations can most often be solved by merely adding or subtracting the equations. Example: If 4x + y = 14 and 3x + 2y = 13, then x – y = Solution: Merely subtract the second equation from the first: (–) 4x + y = 14 3x + 2y = 13 x–y=1 19. Rounding Off: The convention used for rounding numbers is “if the following digit is less than five, then the preceding digit is not changed. 57) TeamLRN Number Theory This broad category is a popular source for GRE questions.

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