By Gauri Mankekar

Hearing loss can fluctuate in sort starting from conductive, combined to sensorineural, in addition to in measure from gentle, average, serious to profound. There may be a number of diversifications and mixtures like reasonable combined listening to loss or serious conductive listening to loss. additionally, the listening to loss may be unilateral or bilateral. whereas cochlear implants have been devised for bilateral profound sensorineural listening to loss, a number of different units were invented for different sorts of listening to losses. learn keeps to layout an appropriate implant which might enlarge sound for sufferers who can't be applicants for cochlear implants.

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The materials used are different from continent to continent and even from country to country. Titanium is widely used in Europe, increasingly more so since the 1990s. In the USA the majority of prostheses are made of hydroxyapatite, and polyethylene is still used in different varieties. 18 K. Schwager For stapes replacement, for many years the platinum wire Teflon prosthesis is the gold standard and maybe the most commonly used prosthesis in the USA and worldwide. Europe again leans more toward titanium in stapes replacement.

44. Middle ear implant for sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing losses. July 2010. Commonwealth of Australia. ISBN (Print) 978-1-74241-347-1; ISBN (Online) 978-1-74241-348-8 3 Bone Conduction Implant Devices Gauri Mankekar Introduction Bone conduction implants (BCIs) are semi-implantable devices for the treatment of hearing losses in patients who either cannot wear or underperform with conventional hearing aids. These devices have to be surgically implanted, are based on the principle of osseointegration, and work by enhancing natural bone conduction.

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