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If the extension is one that you’ve already tried, explain to the administrators that the extension isn’t working and see if they can help you find out why. net/manual/). If you still have trouble, you may find help on the PHP installation mailing list. net including information about your server such as operating system, Web server, and the version of PHP you’re trying to install. The list members will be happy to help. THE PHP CODE DOESN’T APPEAR TO HAVE EXECUTED If this is the case, you will see only the parts of the page that were outside of the PHP tags.

Floating-Point Numbers A floating-point number (commonly referred to simply as a float or double, which, in PHP, are exactly the same thing) is a numeric value with a decimal point. 99 The second example is a float represented in scientific notation. The e, as is often the case on graphing calculators, means “times 10 to the”. It is followed by whatever power 10 should be raised to in order to put the decimal wherever you want it. 5. Floats also have limitations—floats are accurate enough for general-purpose use, but if you need to store a number with an extremely long decimal value, you will need to look into the arbitrary precision math functions (BCMath or GMP) on the PHP Web site.

Thus, the first line of output shows the string just as it appears in the code. However, the second assignment uses a double-quoted string, so the string is interpreted before it is stored in the variable. Thus, $myVariable is expanded using its current value (that of the first assignment), and then the new value is stored in the variable, yielding the string found on the second line of output. CHARACTER ESCAPING Some characters, such as the dollar sign, have special meaning within strings. In addition, sometimes you need to include quotes within your strings, which would typically signal the end of the string.

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