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36 DATE Circle the hidden words in the puzzle. They may go across, up, down, or diagonally. Check off each word as you find it. ___ URGING ___ SACRIFICES ___ GORED ___ DETERMINED ___ VOLLEY ___ STUBBORN ___ NESTLED ___ COLUMN ___ DESERTED ___ WRITHING ___ PASSION ___ PRAISE G U D D E T R E S E D M L O P R G R A Z E E B B S L R N N N E S T L E D T A S E Y C E E O E G V U K C S D R R T L B N O B G N R M M H C O S G L B P R A I S E W G Z D L O X N N R F M N P N E E R G E H D Y I A L O K Y N D O E O G M C H I T M E O C L R R Q E E S R F C O L U M N R C N S A P N J I S M X U O C A M A G N I H T I R W R P S Y Write a vocabulary word from the puzzle under each clue.

Twisting and turning in pain __________________________ 7. shots made by many guns at once __________________________ 2. ran away from one’s duty 8. settled down in a snug way __________________________ __________________________ 3. something given up for the sake of something else __________________________ 9. set in one’s own way; not willing to give in __________________________ 4. to be stabbed by something pointed, like a horn or tusk __________________________ 10. having your mind firmly set to do something __________________________ 5.

Not to hurt anyone. 2. Two of Henry’s comrades in the regiment were a. the corporal and the general. c. the tall soldier and the loud soldier. b. Jimmie Rogers and Whitherside. d. the youth and the mule drivers. 3. After months of boring drill in the camp, Henry a. wished he was back on the farm. c. was glad he enlisted. b. was eager to fight. d. bet that Wilson would run away. 4. Henry refused to admit his fear because he a. wanted to obey his mother. c. liked all the excitement. b. thought the other men would laugh at him.

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