By Régis Loisel

The international of Akbar is at risk: Ramor, the cursed god, is set to be liberated. The sorceress Mara has came upon the way to hinder the god's resurrection and to bind him back to his felony, a conch. To be successful through the incantation besides the fact that, she wishes the mythical Time-Bird, a legendary beast in a position to regulate the circulate of time. She sends her daughter, Pelisse (Roxanna within the English translation) to a prior lover, Bragon, as soon as a fearsome warrior, now a gray-haired lord of the manor, to persuade the getting older hero to embark on one final experience in an effort to keep the area of Akbar.

Themes of the comics comprise imaginary fauna and plants and nostalgia, as getting older heroes care for their fading glory, new heroes take their position and villains settle for their prior and be able to locate peace. A melancholic temper permeates the entire tale.

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