Книга Scoubidou mega guida Scoubidou mega guidaКниги Дом. Быт. Досуг Автор: коллектив Год издания: 2005 Формат: pdf Страниц: 309 Размер: 4,43 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:This Scoubies book is absolutely illustrated with plenty of very special step-by-step diagrams and pictures of alternative stitches and goods for the kids (and you!) to profit easy methods to make. this can make a great addition to that final minute Christmas current or stocking! purchase the scoubidous and print off this record - one Christmas present!Whether you're a newbie, new to the trend or knowledgeable, this publication has all of it. From instructing you ways to start and finish a undertaking and easy stitches to creating the main awesome key-rings, bracelets and lots more and plenty, a lot more!!

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Make a loop ON TOP OF your central strands... and then go AROUND BEHIND the center strands as you come back UP and THROUGH the initial loop you made. Here's what the stitch will look like after completing about an inch or so. Take a break for a second and let's get rid of that UGLY granny knot we started with. We're going to convert the end of this project from using an UGLY knot to using a short piece of Square stitch. 42 Push the loose strand ends back into the knot to UNTIE the knot. Use your fingers to pull and stretch these strands back into a straight orientation.

47 The Circle Stitch Sometimes referred to as the "Round Stitch", the Circle Stitch is similar to the Square Stitch. You should be familiar with doing the Square Stitch before tackling the Circle Stitch. To start this stitch, you'll need two strands of scoubidou the same length. Again, with practice, you'll be able to figure out how much Circle you can make with a given length of scoubidou. I get about an inch of Circle from every 12 to 14 inches of strand. First, FIND THE CENTERS of these two strands...

Hold a "starter square stitch" as shown. Bring the far strand up and over to form the first LOOP... Now take the near strand up and over AWAY from you to form the second LOOP next to the first. Start the WEAVE by taking the strand on your LEFT up and over the first LOOP, then under the second LOOP... continue by taking the strand on your RIGHT up and over the loop nearest it, then under the loop farthest from it, as shown. Slowly pull the strands away from each other... to finish the second square stitch!

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