By Brian J. Heraud and Jean P. Nursten (Auth.)

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B e r g e r , Invitation to Sociology; A Humanistic Perspective, P e n g u i n , 1963. 2. T h i s f r a m e w o r k is d e r i v e d in g e n e r a l f r o m B e r g e r , op. , chs. 4 - 6 , w h i c h p r o v i d e s o n e o f t h e m o s t i m a g i n a t i v e accounts o f t h e n a t u r e o f t h e sociological perspective o f a n y c u r r e n t i n t r o d u c t o r y b o o k . O t h e r i n t r o d u c t o r y texts t o w h i c h reference can also b e m a d e i n c l u d e G. D u n c a n M i t c h e l l , Sociology: The Study of Social Systems, U n i v e r s i t y T u t o r i a l Press, L o n d o n , 1 9 5 9 ; A .

Conflicts between members of a family arc seen as symptoms of malfunctioning. Marital relations are close, and there is a sharing of interests and tasks. Mothers w h o work, especially in the early years of their children's life, are also seen as contributing to family problems. The modern urban family is seen as a small nuclear family of parents and children which has become isolated from kin and other relationships and which is in part dependent on services rendered by the State. The socially healthy family is thus dominated by the ideals of maturity, democracy, and the integration of relationships.

There are various ways of approaching the concept of role. Emphasis can be given to the incumbent of the role or position, on the focal person, and on the set of individuals with w h o m this person interacts and w h o will have expectations relating to the focal role. Roles also have a dual, or pair, quality, in which behaviour in one position is usually specifically oriented to behaviour in one other position; thus a husband is generally expected to be economically active and to support his family, while a wife stays home, looks after the house, and minds the children.

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