By Troy Denning

BONUS: This unique novella contains an excerpt from Star Wars: Legacy of the strength: Betrayal and an interview with the author.


transforming into up within the shadow of his heroic father, Lumpawarrump, son of Chewbacca, feels large strain to check his father’s bold exploits. Chewie’s life-debt to Han Solo retains him from returning domestic, and with out the steadying impact of his father, Lumpy is unfocused and uncontrolled. So Chewie’s spouse comes to a decision that a trip to Coruscant is so as. It’s the ideal chance for the relatives to bond–and for Chewbacca to coach his son a few much-needed life-lessons.

but if Lumpy’s eagerness to provoke his father results in direct disobedience, Chewie is pressured into an severe pursuit that might lead him into Coruscant’s harmful underlevels–and to a mystery as stunning because it is lethal. . . .

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Though he hated to admit it, he had his own reservations. It seemed to him he should have known instinctively what to say, how a good father would handle the situation. But the truth was that Lumpy seemed more a stranger every time Chewbacca saw him. One time he was a ball of fur chortling in his mother’s arms, and the next time he was already swinging from the rafters. With no choice except to use a glow rod to follow the tracks, Chewbacca instructed Malla to hold hers low and away from her body while he covered them with his repeating blaster.

I guess I shouldn’t have done that,] he said. ] Unsure whether Lumpy was agreeing with him or arguing, Chewbacca cast a furtive glance at Malla—who only shrugged and spread her hands. She didn’t know what to make of it, either. Chewbacca turned back to Lumpy. [Don’t think this will change your punishment. ] Again, Lumpy seemed neither resentful nor frightened of his punishment, merely accepting. [These guys aren’t real spies—] A soft hiss sounded from the clean-out panel, and Chewbacca barely managed to pull his blaster out of the opening before the metal door slid closed.

Malla laid a hand on his thigh. [Then you are doing well, Chewbacca. ] She fell silent and looked out the side window. [I should have stayed out of it. ] Chewbacca did not know how to respond. Under other circumstances, it might have warmed him to hear again how much his son looked up to him. As matters were, the reminder just filled him with a frightened ache. The twisted skeleton of a stripped space freighter appeared ahead, wedged across the lane and blocking the route. Chewbacca hit the decelerators and sent the airspeeder into a shuddering air skid, bringing them to a stop so close to a cross-strut that he could have reached out his window and wiped off a handful of grime.

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