By Dilip M. Salwi

Certain, you will be a SUPERKID in science!Pick up this quiz e-book and discover needless to say.

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A) Two (b) Three (c) Four (d) Five 228. What creates a cave? (a) Water (b) Animal (c) Wind (d) All 229. What covers considerable portion of the earth's surface? (a) Petroleum (b) Water (c) Hydrogen peroxide (d) Coal 230. How much time does the earth take to go once around the sun? (a) 364 days (b) 364 1/2 days (c) 365 days (d) 365 1/4 days 40 231. Of the following things, which one is at the centre of the earth? (a) Magnet (b) Electric charge (c) Gases (d) Hollow sphere Environment 232. What pollutes rivers?

A) Coconut (b) Mustard (c) Almond (d) All 128. Of the following food items, which one is a spice? (a) Pepper (b) Maize (c) Peas (d) Barley 129. Of the following plants, whose leaves are cooked and eaten? (a) Spinach (b) Ginger (c) Tomato (d) Potato « 130. Of the following food items, which one is not pulses? (a) Rajmah (b) Dal (c) Beans (d) Wheat 131. What is "Chapati" made of? (a) Wheat (b) Rice (c) Corn (d) Barley 132. Of the following food items, which one is not a nut? (a) Cashewnut (b) Almond (c) Rice (d) Walnut 133.

A) Food (b) Water (c) Air (d) All 26 150. What mainly causes tides in the seas? (a) Moon (b)Sun (c) Mars (d) Comet 151. Which is the most commonly used substance in all walks of life? (a) Salt (b) Petrol (c) Water (d) Sugar 152. Of the following sounds, which one is natural? (a) Zooming of an aeroplane (b) Zug-zug of a train (c) Ticking of a clock (d) Soughing of winds 153. Which colour is formed when red is mixed with blue? (a) Pink (b) Brown (c) Purple (d) Green 154. What heats up water in a boiling pot?

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