By Virgil, translated by Allen Mandelbaum

Aeneas flees the ashes of Troy to discovered town of Rome and alter perpetually the process the Western world--as literature as well.  Virgil's Aeneid is as everlasting as Rome itself, a sweeping epic of palms and heroism--the looking out portrait of a guy stuck among love and responsibility, human feeling and the strength of fate--that has encouraged writers for over 2,000 years.  Filled with drama, ardour, and the common pathos that just a masterpiece can convey. The Aeneid is a publication for for all time and everyone.

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What splendid parents brought you into being? " This said, he gives his right hand to his friend Ilioneus; his left he gives Serestus; then turns to brave Cloanthus and brave Gyas. First at the very sight of him, and then at all he had endured, Sidonian Dido was startled. And she told the Trojan this: "You, goddess-born, what fortune hunts you down through such tremendous trials? What violence has forced you onto these ferocious shores? Are you that same Aeneas, son of Dardan Anchises, whom the gracious Venus bore beside the banks of Phrygian Simois?

So Dymas does and Ripheus and the excited youths: each arms himself with these new spoils. We move ahead, to mingle with Argives under auspices not ours. Through that long night we clash in many combats, and we send many Danaans down to Orcus. Some scatter to the ships, to seek the shore of safety; some in their low fear climb back to the familiar belly of the horse. "But oh, it is not right for anyone to trust reluctant gods! For there the virgin Cassandra, Priam's daughter, hair disheveled, was dragged out from the temple, from Minerva's shrine, and her eyes were raised in vain to heaven— her eyes, for chains held fast her gentle hands.

Who has not heard of Troy, its acts and heroes, the flames of that tremendous war? We Tyrians do not have minds so dull, and we are not beyond the circuit of the sun's yoked horses. Whatever you may choose—Hesperia and [539-570] 760 765 770 775 780 785 790 795 800 [569-600] BOOK I the fields of Saturn, or the land of Eryx and King Acestes—I shall send you safe with escort, I shall help you with my wealth. And should you want to settle in this kingdom on equal terms with me, then all the city I am building now is yours.

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