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The Evacuation of North Russia 1919 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Год: 1919Страниц: 54Формат: PDFЯзык: английскийРазмер: 5.46 Мб zero

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The Evacuation of North Russia 1919

The Evacuation of North Russia 1919 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Год: 1919Страниц: 54Формат: PDFЯзык: английскийРазмер: five. forty six Мб ifolder. ru zero

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The Russian Government once more repeats its declaration of the 27th November, 1918, by which it accepted the burden of the national debt of Russia. 7. As regards the question of internal which can only interest the Powers in politics, so far as they reflect the political tendencies of the Russian Government, I make a point of repeating that there cannot be a return to the regime which existed in Russia before February, 1917, the provisional solution which my Government nas adopted in regard to the agrarian question aims at satisfying the interest of the great mass of the population, and is inspired by the conviction that Russia can only be flourishing and strong when the millions of Russian peasants receive all guarantees for the possession of the land.

Are to able meet for the feeding of the civil population. you A further political complication is introduced by the recent Finnish incursion in the direction of Olonets, which may antagonize Russian feeling although useful as a Therefore it is not desirable that purely military enterprise against the Bolsheviks. should with these Finnish forces until we join up you get a clear undertaking from the Finnish Government that they have no annexationist designs on Russian territory in this area. Subject to the above conditions it is left to your discretion to if a favourable opportunity offers.

The Press. 6. The Foreign Russians An Action by the Foreign Office. have been asked to consider the destination and disposal of any be necessary to evacuate. estimate of these numbers is 18,000, 5,000 of whom are fighting forces in the whom it Office may and French Legions. hoped that if the measures advocated by the General Staff in Part II. of this are taken, the North Russian Government should be enabled to stand alone after paper British It is 29 the withdrawal of the Allied forces, and the necessity for evacuating the above large numbers will not arise.

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