By Deary, Terry; Deary, Terry; Flook, Helen

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The huntsman stood by a pair of grey deerhounds. “I think you have forgotten something, sire,” he said. “I think not! I have my boots, my cape, my hat and my whip. ” shouted Sir Robert. “What more? Eh? ” The huntsman coughed into his hand. ” Sir Robert turned redder than a robin’s chest. “Yes! Yes! I know that! I know. No need to tell me…” He looked around wildly. ” Mary the maid was standing at the kitchen door, just along from the main gate. She turned pale. “Oh, no, Sir Blobber! You just said get it beddy … I mean ret it geddy!

In the end, I gave up. ” The judge spread some mustard on a piece of beef before cramming it into his mouth. “Yes, only a servant. But your story sounds good enough to me. ” Sir Robert laughed. Mary stormed to the table and slammed her fist down so hard that the silver plates and cups rattled. ” Lord Durham and Sir Robert Hylton look at one another. “Yes,” they answered together. Hot tears were pouring down Mary the maid’s grubby cheeks. “Poor Roger will never rest in his grave. ” Lord Durham pushed a plate of pork to one side so he could lean across the table and breathe his stinking breath in her face.

He hated it when servants were smart and smug. He kept his temper. ” “Whatever your name is … you have forgotten something,” the knight said sharply. The servant brought his right hand from behind his back. “I don’t think so. ” Sir Robert looked at the stick with the large, silver knob on the top. “My hunting whip. ” he said, snatching it from the slippery servant’s slimy hand. “You’ve passed the test, George. ” “Thank you, sire,” the servant bowed. “Marvellous! Now,” the knight said, as he marched through the hall and threw open the front gate, “I’m ready to go.

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