By Horace McCoy

The melancholy of the Nineteen Thirties led humans to determined measures to outlive. The marathon dance craze, which flourished at the moment, appeared an easy approach for individuals to earn more money - dancing the hours away for funds. however the underside of that craze was once jam-packed with a contest and violence unknown to so much ballrooms. A lurid story of dancing and desperation: Horace McCoy's vintage American novel captures the darkish part of the Nineteen Thirties.

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It's their business,' I said. 'I don't want to make James sore. He's been through a lot of these dances and he's already given us some good tips. ' 'It's a shame for that girl to have a baby,' Gloria said. ' I asked. 'If they have what're they doing here?... That's the trouble now,' she said. 'Everybody is having babies--' 'Oh, not everybody,' I said. 'A hell of a lot you know about it. You'd been better off if you'd never been born--' 'Maybe not,' I said. ' I asked, trying to get her mind off her troubles.

The park was a fine place to sit. Through the palms you could see many buildings, the thick, square silhouettes of apartment houses, with their red signs on the roofs, reddening the sky above and everything and everybody below. But if you wanted to get rid of these things you had only to sit and stare at them with a fixed gaze... and they would begin receding. That way you could drive them as far into the distance as you wanted to... 'I never paid much attention to this place before,' Gloria said.

It was so red and bright and hot I wondered why there was no steam. _I once saw steam come out of the ocean. It was on the highway at the beach and some men were working with gun-powder. Suddenly, it exploded, setting them on fire. They ran and dived into the ocean. _ The colour of the sun had shot up into some thin clouds, reddening them. Out there where the sun was sinking the ocean was very calm, not looking like an ocean at all. It was lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. Several people were fishing off the pier, not paying any attention to the sunset.

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