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Ag+ + e- Ag - Pb2+ + 2e Pb Similarly, 2Br- Br2 + 2e- Two Faradays are required to produce a mole of bromine. Electrolysis is employed to make various compounds. It is also used for electroplating and to extract metals from compounds. pmd 43 6/24/2009, 3:18 PM 44 Understanding Chemistry Electroplating: Electroplating is employed to coat one material with another. Shining metal coatings are obtained by this means (for example, gold plating of silver articles and anodizing aluminium articles). The metal or the metallic object that is to be plated is made the cathode.

He began his career as a teacher at a village school when he was twelve years old. Seven years later, he became a school principal. In 1793, he left for Manchester, to teach mathematics, physics and chemistry in a college. He soon resigned from this post since teaching duties interfered with his scientific work. Dalton never got married and lived a simple life. Dalton propounded the atomic theory in 1803. He suggested that compounds were formed by the combination of atoms of different elements in small, whole number ratios.

Certain chemicals are used to inhibit corrosion. , stainless steel) do not corrode easily. Copper vessels become black or greenish due to corrosion. Why do people wear gold jewellery? Gold does not get corroded. It is a noble metal. Other noble metals are platinum and silver, but silver gets slightly corroded. The Rustless Iron Pillar of Delhi The famous iron pillar in Delhi, erected in the Gupta period (over 1500 years ago), is a marvel. After all these years, this pillar stands erect without deterioration.

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